web creative designer - Bluestem Brands


Languages Used: HTML, CSS

Programs Used: Adobe PhotoShop CS6, Adobe InDesign, ProofHQ, Monday.com

Objective: Designed all daily retail email communications, from sale promotions to customer winback letters, for Blair, a subsidiary of retail brand Bluestem Brands. I was responsible for all emails from wireframing to creation in PhotoShop to eventual coding in HTML, with adherence to AA-level WCAG standards and an emphasis on mobile and desktop accessibility. I also created banners and dynamic assets for their home and landing pages, as well as social media assets for Criteo, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google platforms. Working within a small creative team, we used Blair's photographic library to produce all digital content for the brand, using ProofHQ and Adobe Acrobat to present our upcoming digital designs in weekly all-company meetings.